Langa de Duero Castle


Calle Bocigas de Perales, s/n. Langa de Duero


975 353 001 - Town hall of Langa de Duero

Langa de Duero became an important place in the Middle Ages due to the wars along the border between Muslims and Christians.

Although the current castle is from the 14th or 15th century, it is a medieval legacy that was marked by battles between Christians and Muslims. Langa’s fortification seems to have been built there to defend the bridge that crossed the Douro River. However, the remains that can be seen today were built over an older fortress.

Langa’s history is closely linked to El Cid. This municipality is part of the route that Rodrigo took when he was exiled, and he even became the warden of Langa de Duero later on. Both the medieval bridge and the Langa fortress are a medieval legacy marked by wars between Muslims and Christians.

SourceSoria ni te la imaginas

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