Cantavieja (Teruel)


What you can see and do in Cantavieja

Cantavieja is a harmonious town, designated a historical-artistic site. It is in the Maestrazgo region, at 1,300m altitude on a limestone hill that abruptly overlooks a void, which determined its geostrategic importance. It has a very attractive old centre, with its Town Hall in a Gothic style, its houses with their coats of arms, and the Gothic church of St Michael (15th century).

Little is left of the Cantavieja Castle, which was badly affected in the Carlist Wars. Ruins of the town walls can be seen below its escarpments, along a footpath approximately 1km long, which provides a lovely view of the town. About 6km away, the Castellote Tower, one of many fortified towers in the area, is in the line of sight of Morella Castle.

Meanwhile, in Cantavieja, we can learn about the history of Spain in the Museum of the Carlist Wars. In the town, it recalls the importance acquired by the mountains of the Maestrazgo in the 19th century, as a stronghold of the Carlist insurgency. The documentation centre related to the civil wars of that time is of particular interest. 


You also should not miss

  • Cantavieja and its surrounding area offer many attractions for travellers, but those most interested in El Cid should visit Fortanete, a town in Teruel with a Templar past, 17 winding kilometres from Cantavieja. From there, 6km to the north, along a trail partly signposted as the GR 8, is located one of the so-called ‘castles of El Cid’, as it appears in a document from 1194, even though the castle is older. It consists of the ruins of a fortified construction with part of its walls and three turrets still standing. It is located in a rugged landscape at 1,700m altitude. Its origin is still a mystery, but the impressive view over the Mercadales valley says a great deal about its old military and vigilance function.

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