Langa de Duero (Soria)

  • Langa de Duero bridge and tower, Soria / ALC.
  • The village of Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC.
  • San Miguel Arcángel church. Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC
  • San Miguel Arcángel church. Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC
  • Cube castle (or tower) in Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC
  • Castle called The Cube, in Langa de Duero, Soria. ALC
  • Cube tower. Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC
  • Abandoned railway track near Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC
  • Winter. Poplar plantation in the shores of the Duero river, near Langa de Duero / ALC
  • Duero river in winter. Langa de Duero, Soria / ALC

In the year 1086, the new geopolitical circumstances led king Alfonso VI to forgive el Cid, with the intention of reinforcing his military strength with the presence of Rodrigo. On his return to Castilla El Cid received in donation seven fortresses with their villages and inhabitants: one of those places was Langa de Duero.

Actually it is very little known about the situation of Langa in the 10th and 11th centuries, but it is assumed that it would be subject to the instability and vicissitudes of its border situation on the Duero line.

What to see, what to do

The tower of Langa de Duero is the first sight the traveler can see when approaching the village. The tower of Langa, commonly called Castle of the Cube, is a construction made of ashlar approximately twenty meters high. The current tower dates back to the 14th century, although this space was probably occupied by a Muslim watchtower that formed part of the surveillance network existing in the 11th century, as well as a complementary fortification. In the 15th century, Enrique Enríquez, Duke of Medinasidonia and stepbrother of Queen Leonor of Navarre, was imprisoned here by order of king John II.

This tower is the last vestige of the fortification that defended the medieval bridge that crosses the Duero River. To cross this bridge of twelve archs is to recall a part of our history, in which the river was not only a source of life but also a frontier and place of confrontations between Muslims and Christians.

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