Mascarell (Castellón)


What you can do and see in Mascarell

Mascarell is a very curious town that is well worth visiting. Less than 2km from Nules, it is completely guarded by a wall. Surrounded by orchards, it seems to have been transplanted from the remote past. It is designated as a Historical Centre.

The wall was built in 1553 on the orders of the Countess of Oliva and Lady of Nules, María de Cardona, in order to protect the population from the attacks of Berber pirates. It is built with stones and rammed earth, with a perimeter of 620m, an approximate height of 7m and a width of about 1.2m. There is a rectangular tower on each of its four sides. With two gates, the walls were in turn surrounded by a moat, which is now used as an irrigation channel.

The interior of the town is no less curious: the houses are no higher than the walls, the streets are perpendicular and the small square in the centre is the location of the town hall and the church.

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Useful information

  • Postal Address of the City Council: Plaza Mayor, 1 12529 (Ayto. de Nules)
  • Phone: 964 670 001 (Ayto. de Nules)
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Population: 193
  • Altitude: 15 m.

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