Mirambel (Teruel)

  • Mirambel,Teruel / ALC.
  • Mirambel, Teruel / ALC.


What you can see and do in Mirambel

 Mirambel is small and ‘very nice’ (that is the phrase that comes most to the mind of visitors as they walk around its silent streets). The town is huddled behind its old walls, which it has not dared to go beyond even where they were demolished. It is one of those places that the expression ‘lost in time’ fits like a glove.

Owing to its careful conservation, the harmony of its streets, its medieval layout and its mansions, it is recognised as a historical-artistic site. Its form and surroundings have inspired writers like Pío Baroja, musicians like Antón García Abril, and film-makers like Ken Loach.

Mirambel’s treasures seem to be hidden behind the walls that surround the town and which still conserves its medieval gates. The most significant, The Gate of the Nuns, with its attractive lattice windows and attached turret, probably makes the most popular photo of the town. Its castle, one of the many Templar fortresses in the area, owes its mutilated appearance to its partial demolition in the 1950s.

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