Mora de Rubielos (Teruel)

  • Castle of Mora de Rubielos, Teruel / ALC.


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Mora de Rubielos is the head of the Gúdar-Javalambre region; two mountain ranges in the Province of Teruel of enormous biodiversity, with crops, meadows, forests, mountains and spectacular villages. Mora is one of them. The silhouette of its castle, the property of the Fernández de Heredia family, is one of the most impressive in the whole Way of El Cid. It stands over the town and is projected on its past.

Mora is in general a singular walled town where it is worth stopping to walk under its arches and walls, along its impeccable peaceful streets and by its mansions, with doorways and eaves of profusely carved wood.

In addition to the castle, the Gothic St Mary’s Church is important because of its size: its single nave is 19m high. Yet visitors are only aware of those cathedral-like proportions once they are inside.

Mora possesses a large number of attractions and it is also a good starting point for routes through the region. Its tourism office will provide all the information you need.


You also should not miss

  • Mora offers a succulent gastronomy: in season, try its dishes made with wild mushrooms and game!

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