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  • Moors and Christians in the village of Ontinyent, province of Valencia. Festivity of National Tourist Interest.


What you can do and see in Ontinyent

Ontinyent is on the banks of the River Clariano. Although it is not at a very high altitude, it is located in an area of mountains dominated by the Serra Grossa, so it is not unusual to see snow in winter.

The most attractive way of reaching the town is across its old 16th century bridge, the Pont Vell. Ontinyent preserves a lovely late medieval old town with alleys and some gates that were the entrance to the town protected by a wall, of which some sections are still standing. The most emblematic gate in known as the Portal de San Roc, dated in the 13th century and reformed in the 17th century. It is located in the high part of the town and was the access to the old market square, now San Roc Square.

It was also the way to the Palace of the Duchess of Almodóvar, or the Palau de la Vila, initially in the Valencian Gothic style but greatly changed by successive reforms. However, the most striking building in Ontinyent is the Gothic-Renaissance archpriest church of St Mary, with the tallest bell-tower in the Community of Valencia, 71m high. After the earthquake that the town suffered in 1258, the church was rebuilt although the base of the current building is dated in 16th and 17th century, when its impressive tower was raised.

On the way out of the town, going towards Bocairent, the river has carved out of the rock some pools and waterfalls that shape a singular landscape. The best-known pool is the Pou Clar. Many of the town inhabitants go there in summer because it is a lovely place to bathe in Nature, but it is also a good place to visit at any time of the year.


You should not miss

  • Ontinyent Festival of Moors and Christians.  It takes place at the end of August and is designated a Festival of Spanish Tourist Interest. These popular festivals commemorate in a festive way the coexistence of the two cultures in the past and are common in the Community of Valencia. However, the one in Ontinyent, owing to its importance and tradition, is a good opportunity for travellers from outside the Community to immerse themselves, in the street and among the inhabitants, in a major part of the popular culture of Valencia and enjoy not only the festival but also the gastronomy.

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