Rubielos de Mora (Teruel)

  • Rubielos de Mora, Teruel / ALC.
  • Church of Santa María, in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Gate of San Antonio in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Rubielos de Mora, streets. Province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Lintel, Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Courtyard of the town hall of Rubielos de Mora / Diputación de Teruel.
  • Gothic door of the convent of Augustine´s Mothers in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Salvador Victoria contemporary Art Museum interior, in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Hermitage of the Martyrs in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / ALC.
  • Hermitage of Santa Bárbara in Rubielos de Mora, province of Teruel / Pilar Navarro.


What you can see and do in Rubielos de Mora

Rubielos is a town with over 600 inhabitants and is a compulsory stop on the Way of El Cid because it is the gateway to the circular routes of the Maestrazgo and Morella, but above all because of its singular architecture (in 1983 it was awarded the Europa Nostra Prize).

The town’s streets and buildings are amazingly well-preserved. The harmonious façades and the 16th-18th century mansions, all of stone, with eaves, railings, galleries and impeccable and generally semi-circular doorways, are an invitation to a gentle walk. Among its religious buildings, the large St Mary’s Church, started in the 16th century, which was a collegiate in a grandiose Renaissance style, contains an excellent altar piece in an international Gothic style. The doorway of the Convent of the Madres Agustinas, which at one time was the parish church, dates from the same time.

Among the civil architecture, in addition to the palaces and mansions that have been mentioned, the 1571 Town Hall has a large covered yard that was the market and still conserves the municipal dungeon, where the prisoners were exposed to public ridicule.

Rubielos de Mora was walled with seven access gates, of which two 14th century attractive doors still remain.


You also should not miss

  • Salvador Victoria Museum. It is a wonderful surprise to find a contemporary art gallery of such high quality and importance in a rural environment. Located in the old Hospital de Gracia, it displays the works of the artist from Rubielos, Salvador Victoria, and of his friends (Juan Genovés, Antonio Saura, Luis Caruncho, Manuel Hernández Mompo, José Vento, Martín Chirino, etc.). The sculptures of José Gonzalvo can also be seen in the streets of the town.
  • Natural surroundings. Rubielos is a good starting point for trekking routes or short excursions around the area, of clear scenic interest. Some of these trails might take you to the Gothic chapels of The Martyrs San Abdón and San Senén, and Santa Bárbara.
  • After leaving the town, you can see the Ambarina Region, the third museum in the Dinopolis Territory (Road A-1701, Km.3). This is a centre about dinosaurs that focuses on amber, the great ‘freezer’ of 100 million years ago.

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Useful information

  • Postal Address of the City Council: Pl. Hispano América, 1 (44415)
  • Phone: 978 804 001
  • Web:
  • Population: 613
  • Altitude: 929 m.

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