Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos)

The history of Silos is the history of Castile: although Almanzor -the famous Muslim general and ruler of Al Andalus-  caused great destruction at the end of the tenth century, it had an enormous splendor between the XI-XIII centuries. This was possible thanks to its promoter the abbot Santo Domingo who, around the year 1000, rebuilt the monastery, becoming a great spiritual, cultural and artistic center.

The Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos is linked to the history of el Cid, since in life Rodrigo and his wife Jimena donated some of their estates to the Monastery. In the year 1081, the year in which the Cid was exiled, the cloister was still building.

Visiting Silos

Silos is a small Castilian town with numerous tourist services. It is a good place to rest and to taste one of its gastronomic specialties: roast baby goat. Almost all the town gravitates around the monastery, where you can visit some of its most important spaces, such as the cloister or its museum of religious art.

Very close to Santo Domingo de Silos, a few kilometers down the road towards Hinojar de Cervera, is a natural place known as La Yecla, a deep and narrow gully carved into the limestone by which the visitor can enter through a short series of hanging walkways that alternate giant kettles and waterfalls.

Also, you can not miss ...

  • You can not leave Silos without visiting its exceptional Romanesque cloister, in one of whose carved capitals you can see a medieval army that reflects with enough precision the war clothes in the days of el Cid. The religious services of the monks offer the possibility of listening the Gregorian chant, sung by the monks in a very spiritual way that took the monks to acquire world-wide fame during the Eighties.

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