Segorbe (Castellón)

What you can do and see in Segorbe

Segorbe, capital of High Palancia, is a monumental town designated a Historical-Artistic Centre. The origin of the modern town goes back to the Islamic period when it was based around the castle on Sopeña Hill. Of that time, only archaeological objects remain, because the modern fortress, called La Estrella, which is practically in ruins, is dated in the 19th century and the Carlist Wars. Now the castle is a park, with excellent views of Palancia valley and the town. The walls that protected the town started at the castle, and now they can be followed in part, as well as some complementary towers, such as the Executioner and Jail Towers (14th century).

The most emblematic monument is the cathedral, the only one in the Province of Castellón. Started in the 13th century over the old mosque, its cloisters exhibit an interesting collection of Valencian Gothic paintings. Equally Gothic is St Peter’s Church. The coffered ceiling in the Town Hall assembly room is also significant (14th century) because it is very expressive of the ability of Mudejar artists.

Segorbe is similarly famous for the abundance of its waters. In the 19th century, farmers used to meet in what is now Almudín Square, next to the Syndicate of Irrigators, in an old traditional institution called the ‘mandas’. A network of springs and risings has supplied the town of Segorbe since the most remote times. The Fountain of Fifty Taps, each one with the name and coat of arms of a Spanish province, and the aqueduct (14th century) are the clearest examples in a town where water is especially important.


You should not miss

  • The Entry of Bulls and Horses. This festival is held in Segorbe in the second week of September. Designated a festival of International Tourist Interest and documented since the 14th century, crowds of people form a human wall and witness a spectacle in which a herd of bulls is gathered and guided by ten skilled riders on horseback.
  • Try Segorbe Stew, a typical Valencian dish that will give you the energy to continue on your journey.

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