Olocau Route

Route:From El Puig (Valencia) to Olocau (Valencia)
Journeys:Project phase. Track non defined.
Cabecera mapa Senderista Ramal Olocau
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The Olocau Route: the conquest of the three castles

This 28 km route is still in the project phase. No work has as yet been carried out, and the signposting, improvements and reconditioning are still pending.

Until this work is complete, we do not recommend hiking along this route. Those interested in exploring the towns should travel to Serra and Olocau by car, motorbike or bicycle. In the section containing the various downloads there is a list of accommodation options, as well as the issue and stamping offices and details of the tourist information offices.

The Ramal de Olocau is a short route running between El Puig and Olocau and passing through Serra. In the 11th century all three towns boasted a castle and were conquered by El Cid. El Puig in particular was a strategic site, a situation that would be repeated 144 years later under the reign of christian King James I of Aragon, known as James The Conqueror, who definitely conquered the city in 1238 creating the Reign of Valencia.

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