A 1512 between Orihuela del Tremedal and Bronchales.

Mountain range of Albarracín, province of Teruel / ALC.

We avoid the more insipid and busy A 1511, which goes directly to Bronchales, to take the more interesting and entertaining A 1512.

This road goes through the natural area of the Tremedales de Orihuela. Leave Orihuela de Tremedal towards Greigos and Noguera de Albarracín and then turn towards Bronchales along a tarmacked road. This is a continuous climb through a dense forest of pines and oaks, where peat bogs (tremedales) and rivers of stone, like the Borrocal one, can also be seen.

It’s an enjoyable road with little traffic that is very attractive for cycling tourists, although the steady climb might make some of them sweat. Take extra care in winter because snow is quite common.

Distance: 15km

Rev.: JGG 23.11.21