Albergue El Muro. Monforte de Moyuela, (Teruel)


Calle de la Fuente, s/n (44493). Monforte de Moyuela


978 739 014 / 613 774 470

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The hostel is located on Calle de la Fuente, in the center of Monforte de Moyuela, in Teruel. We have 2 rooms with bathroom, and 3 without it, a total of 37 beds. One of the rooms is petfriendly although animals are not allowed in the common areas. we have washing machine.

Specific services for travelers: We offer breakfasts adapted to the schedules of hikers and cyclists, and we prepare sandwiches or lunches for travelers.

Specific services for cyclists: We accept bicycles. We have a safe and closed place to store them, as well as an adequate space to clean it with a hose. Free access to a space to fix or adjust the bicycle with a basic tool kit. If you need it, you can buy products and spare parts for your bike (patches, tubes, etc.)

We offer all visitors our coworking space, so they can have a place to work. It has a connection to the free local Wi-Fi network and a coffee maker in the space itself, so you can have a pleasant break. We also have the town bar, where you can relax with a beer or coffee, and if you notify the innkeeper, he can prepare portions and homemade tapas, so you don't have to worry about anything during your visit. In addition, during the winter they can order bread and sweets from the area for the next day, arriving on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 13 and in summer every day at the same time. In our rural multi-service store, you can buy food, drinks and drugstore products.

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