Almenara Wetlands


CV-2310 road. Almenara


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Els Estanys de Almenara is a large area of marshes in the Almenara wetlands, covering over 1,500 hectares. It is one of the most important natural places in the province of Castellón because of its biodiversity. It is formed by three freshwater lakes whose waters emerge from underground springs (ullals) connected to an extensive aquifer that reaches as far as the Sierra de Espadán.

A route has been prepared to visit the largest lake, with its crystalline water surrounded by canes, reeds, oleanders and willows. There are picnic areas, benches, bird observatories and places for sporting fishing. The wetlands are a very important refuge for water birds like the black-winged stilt and the whiskered tern and the tranquil water contains populations of the Valencia toothcarp (a fish that is native to eastern Spain) and European pond turtle. Next to the marshes and forming part of the same ecosystem, a line of dunes next to the beach is protected as a natural micro-reserve for campion or catchfly: species unique to the Community of Valencia.

  • Access by car: you should turn off the N-340 road towards Almenara, then take the CV-2310 road towards Els Estanys/Marjal, and in a little over 2km the natural space is perfectly signposted. There is a car park.
  • Access for people with limited mobility: there are infrastructures adapted for people with limited mobility: reserved parking spaces, a route for the blind, hard surface for wheelchairs and accessible bathing. Casablanca beach, which is nearby, has an accessible place for bathing.
  • Legal protection: it is in the Site of Community Importance ES5223007 (Marjal d’Almenara) and the Special Protection Area of Marjal i Estanys d’Almenara. 
  • Seasonality: it can be visited at any time of the year.
  • Recommendations, what to see and do: we recommend going to Almenara beaches less than 2km away for a swim and to discover their dunes.

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