Area de Acampada Las Truchas. Mosqueruela, Teruel


Plaza mayor, s/n (44410). Mosqueruela


978 807 007



It is a camping area (not camping) located in Loma de La Higuera, at an altitude of 1,327 meters and 6.5 kilometers away from the town, along a forest track. It has a capacity for 100 people. It is open from May 1 to September 30 

Services: water tank, purification system, septic tank, 4 showers, 7 toilets and 6 sinks 

Facilities: a main building of 150 square meters, where the dining room and kitchen; another of 30 square meters for the bathrooms and a third for a monitor booth of 12 square meters. 

They have electrical installation, although each group must bring their own electricity generation equipment. 

Nestled in one of the most emblematic places and with the greatest natural beauty of Mosqueruela is the picnic area and camping area of Las Truchas.

Contact: Mosqueruela City Council . Telephone 978 807 007

Rev.: JGG 09.08.21