Atarazanas del Grao, Valencia


Pza Juan Antonio Benlliure, s/n. Valencia


963 525 478 ext. 4299 - Atarazanas del Grao

As activity increased in the port of Valencia, it became obvious that the shipyards would have to be moved to an area close to the Barcas street, to what is called the Grao.This way, the fishermen would be able to dispose of a building suited to the repair and building of fishing-boats and the storing of equipment necessary for these tasks. The area consists at present of five rectangular buildings which are set in parallel fashion. At the upper level are eight Gothic gargoyles showing the coat -of-arms of the city. Certain façades are modernist in style with viewpoints and pinnacles incorporated. The premises are also used from time to time for exhibitions.

Source: Turismo Comunidad Valenciana        

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