Bilbilis, roman archaeological site

Bílbilis, roman archaeological site near Calatayud, Zaragoza / Santiago Cabello.

A 6 km de Calatayud: se sale por la puerta de Zaragoza en dirección a Huermeda y Embid de la Ribera. Calatayud


976 886 322 - Oficina de Turismo

Augusta Bilbilis was a city in the province of Hispania Tarraconensis founded by the Romans on a Celtiberian settlement situated on the heights of Cerro de Bambola. With a population of 3,000 or 4,000 lives, was an administrative center. Among the remains conserved, special mention should be made of the Forum, Theatre, Thermal Baths and Temple.

It was the birthplace of famous poet Martial c. 40 AD. Bilbilis was abandoned during the crisis of the Roman empire and it was re-founded in the 8th century by the Muslims with the name of Calatayud, 6 km away from the Roman setting. You can also see important archaeological finds at the Calatayud Museum.

Free entrance. For arranged visits ask in Calatayud Tourist Office.

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