Bodas de Isabel de Segura

Remembering the tragedy of the "Lovers of Teruel" legend: the Wedding of Isabel de Segura, a popular medieval festival in the city of Teruel.

In the city center. Teruel


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In February, the city of Teruel is remembering the tragedy of the "Lovers of Teruel" by recreating a medieval atmosphere and scenes from the story. Teruel is part of the "Europa Enamorada" (Europe in love) network of cities where love stories have taken place and left an imprint on the area.

Different scenes from the story of the Lovers of Teruel, who promised each other eternal love, will be recreated in the streets of Teruel, and the city will become a festival that will take us back to the 13th century. As well as seeing events like the entrance of the Aragon troops right in the city centre, visitors can go to exhibitions and concerts, taste typical products, attend traditional craft workshops, watch falconry displays and sword fights, and much more.

When?: February.

Source: Spain info

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