Burgos Museum

Sword called Tizona, one of the mythical swords of El Cid. Museum of Burgos. ALC

Calle Miranda, 13. Burgos


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The Museum of Burgos is almost completely unknown to the general public. It is a pity because it contains displays of archeological material from ancient and medieval history: dintels decorated in Mudéjar and Mozarab style, Muslim basins, Roman sculptures.

Traditionally identified as El Cid’s sword, the Tizona or Tizón is also on display at the museum. It needs to be noted that oral tradition attributing the sword to El Cid dates back to the 14th century but is then lost. However, all of its visible parts, including both inlaid inscriptions and handle, were made at a later moment. Therefore, it cannot be argued that the historical Cid had a sword named Tizona, for the first reference is included in El Cantar de Mío Cid.

Be that as it may, the sword is probably the most identifiable element connected with El Cid. This is the reason why a legendary character has come to be attached to this sword, as it is the case with other famous swords such as Arthur’s Excalibur, Roldan’s Durendal or Charlemagne’s Joyeuse.

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