Castle of Alto Pino or castell de Serra

Castle of Serra, province of Valencia / València Terra i Mar.

The castle, which is situated at a distance of 3.2kms from the town, can be reached through a path that leaves from Plaza del Castillo. Serra


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There are nice remains of a Muslim castle in ruins. This castle was built, together with the fortresses of Olocau or Náquera (there are no remains), on the 8th century to secure the northern part of Valencia. It became one of the most important fortresses of the Arab region. Towards the end of 1094 or the beginning of 1095, El Cid, who had already conquered Olocau, took this castle.

This is a walled enclosure constructed on an irregular base, whose surface has 600 square metres. It has several crenellated walls, a tank and two towers. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the coast and the orchards in the Valencia region from the castle.

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