Castle of Arcos de Jalón


Calle el Castillo, 38. Arcos de Jalón


975 320 007 - Town hall of Arcos de Jalón

Protected Heritage of Cultural Interest since 1949.

This castle has a rectangular floor plan although it is quite irregular due to the fact that it adapts to the rugged land of a high and narrow hill that divides the town into two parts. A robust keep is attached to the castle walls which are made of thick stonework, horizontal brick rows and ashlar with stonecutter’s marks on the corners. There is only one entrance which is located high up and two loophole windows.

Inside there are remains of the structures that divided the tower, which once was taller, into different floors, and all throughout the perimeter, you can see where the foundation walls began and some towers that reinforced the structure.

This fortress is so unique due to the double-lined brick walls, a technique that mainly had a structural purpose, but has also given the castle beautiful reddish lines between the stonework. This construction method has a clear Mudejar origin which was most likely influenced by the amount of Muslims in the village and in the area of Aragon.

In the 14th-century Chronicle of Pedro I, the castle of Arcos de Jalón was mentioned as belonging to many noble families, one of them being the Counts of Medinaceli thanks to the union of the Luna and Cerda houses, two of the most important houses in early Middle Ages in Castile.

SourceSoria ni te la imaginas

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