Castle of Corbera

Castle of Corbera, province of Valencia / Xavi Gómez.

The castle is situated on a hilltop, about 3kms from the city centre. Corbera


962 560 003 - City Council

This impressive Muslim fortress, whose foundations lay on Roman remains, has an irregular base, following the shape of the hill on which it rests. It was constructed in the 11th century to control the foothills of Murta and the coast. It is still possible to see the wall, the buttresses of the parade enclosure and the albarrana tower, which dates back to the Almohad period and it is one of the best-preserved towers in Europe. The complex was almost totally destroyed in 1521, during the Revolt of the Brotherhoods.

In 1093, the Muslim in control of the castle entered into an alliance agreement with El Cid and the rulers of Valencia and Xàtiva, whereby they would help each other in case of an attack by the Almoravids. The Almoravids were a Berber tribe that spread over the north of Africa and were very committed to Islam beliefs, in contrast to the relaxed attitude towards religion held by the Muslim governors of the Iberian Peninsula. The military strength of the Almoravids was known, to the extent that it would eventually lead to the conquest of Al-Andalus at the beginning of the 12th century. However, in the year 1093 the Almoravids were a mere threat (for both Christians and the Muslims were established in the Iberian Peninsula) present at different regions of the Iberian Peninsula.

It remains unclear whether this alliance agreement was a voluntary agreement or it was triggered by the fear of El Cid taking his revenge if they did not accept.

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