Castle of Cubo, Langa de Duero

Castle called The Cube, in Langa de Duero, Soria. ALC

Calle Bocigas de Perales, s/n. Langa de Duero


975 353 001 - City Council

This is a 14th-century medieval castle, perched on top of a flat topped hill. The slender torre del Homenaje, which is very well preserved, is the only visible part still standing. The fortress of Langa is, therefore, built on a strategic location: the Duero frontier region.

After his first exile, Rodrigo reconciled with King Alfonso VI and returned to Castile after having offered his services to the Muslim taifa of Zaragoza for five years. King Alfonso, as an act of reconciliation, gave El Cid several possessions, among which scholars include Berlanga, Langa de Duero and Gormaz.

The only vestige of the castle is the tower: it is 20 metres tall and 12 metres wide and it has two-metre wide walls. It has three stories, a flat roof with a crenellated parapet and a loophole, all of which are very well preserved.

Visits: check opening times at the town hall of Langa de Duero.

Rev. PAB: 28.12.18