Castle of Estrella, Segorbe

View of Segorbe city from the castle of La Estrella, in the province of Alicante / ALC.

It is situated on top of one of the hills upon which the town is built. Segorbe


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Although the remains of the castle, now in ruins, are mostly from the 19th century, several residential buildings and military constructions have been built on the hill of Sopeña. The Iberians were the first to settle there. Romans would later fortify the building, thereby starting a tradition of defensive architecture that was continued by the Visigoths, Arabs and Christians.

At the time of El Cid, the castle of Segorbe was a strategic point for the control of the valley of Palancia, which was an important route towards the Meseta. According to Primera Crónica General (First General Chronicle), written on the order of Alfonso X, El Cid’s protectorate stretched from Tortosa (Tarragona) to Orihuela (Alicante) in the year 1091.

The castle of Seborge was in El Cid’s power, so that he fixed the tribute which this castle was to pay him, fixing it at 6,000 dinars a year. The castle reached its highest splendour and size in the 15th century.  Peace and stability together with Segorbe’s building needs (the Cathedral, the old hospital, Casa de Misericordia) transformed the fortress into a quarry.

The altarpiece of the cathedral contains clues concerning the castle’s aspect in medieval times, when it reached its highest splendour. The castle is called “Castillo de la Estrella” because one of the room’s of the medieval fortress is star-shaped.

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