Castle of Lara


Picón de Lara, at 900 meters following an ascending path that begins at the croosroad junction of Lara de los Infantes. Lara de los Infantes


947 384 404 - Town council of Lara

Ruinous remains of a 10th century castle built by Gonzalo Fernandez de Burgos. In the following centuries belonged either to the Crown of Castile or the powerful lineage of Lara family. It rises over the Picón de Lara, ruling the landscape. It is recognizable from afar by the remains of the dismembered and decayed homage tower that still stands. It came to have six perimeter towers and the aforementioned four-story tower of honor, a bridge that linked the outer walls with the door of the tower and overcame a moat. At the beginning of the 16th century the castle was already in disuse and in an advanced state of ruin. The views from there are magnificent.

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