Castle of Osma


In the outskirts of the village, in the left sidebank of the Ucero river. El Burgo de Osma - Ciudad de Osma


975 360 116 - Tourist Office

The Castle of Osma (Castillo de Osma) is a medieval castle which seems to have been built in the 10th century by order of Count Gonzalo Tello, using some Roman structures. It suffered several attacks from its first conquest in 912 to the last in 1088.

The castle is divided into three walled enclosures which can be easily distinguished. Nowadays you can see the ruins of this fortress which adapts perfectly to the rocky hill between the Ucero and Abión rivers, near the famous Roman city of Uxama. It was used mainly as a defensive structure located in the natural passageway to this valley and the City of Osma. Some of the walls of the main enclosure are still standing which help to make out the floor plan and you can still see its Keep, remains of other towers, the access gate and a small door. There are also remains of the other two enclosures that improved the castle’s protection. On the outer wall that goes down the hillside, you can see the Water Tower (Torre del Agua) that is located near the river.

Source:  Soria, ni te la imaginas (provincial council of Soria official tourist site).

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