Castle of Terrer, the place where Fariz took refuge

Castle of Terrer, province of Saragossa / ALC.

The castle, which is situated in close proximity to Calle Barranco, rests on the top of a small hill, overlooking the town. Terrer


976 898 002 - City Council

According to the literary work, the castle of Terrer and other Muslim towns paid tribute to El Cid while he laid siege to Alcocer, which was how he successfully kept his troops fed during the battle.

After the capture of Alcocer by El Cid, a Muslim army of three thousand horsemen came from Valencia at the request of the governors of Calatayud to fight a terrible battle against El Cid. El Cid and his men vanquished. One of the Muslim generals, Fariz, who was wounded by El Cid, turned his horse and fled, taking refuge at this castle.

Only ruins, which will probably go unnoticed for many tourists, remain from the Islamic castle of Terrer (9th century). It was one of the bastions of Muza Banu-Quasi at the Marca Superior, as well as Tudela and Borja. In 1122 it was taken by King Alfonso I of Aragón.

Almost no remains still stand. The only exceptions are as follows: the old squared-base of the tower, the outline of a circular turret and the mud-brick enclosure walls that protected the castle. The castle, which was 40 metres long and 20 metres wide, originally extended all over the hilltop.

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