Castle of Torres Torres

Castle of Torres Torres, province of Valencia / ALC.

Calle Subida al Castillo, 6. Torres Torres


962 626 188 - City Council

The castle of Torres Torres, in ruins, is a 12th-century Muslim fortress. It is situated on a hill located near the town in order to control transit along the routes connecting this town with Valencia. The castle originally consisted of four towers connected to the walls. Only two of the towers are still standing. It is also possible to see remains of some of the other buildings that made up the enclosure. The most outstanding parts of the interior are as follows: Torre del Homenaje, whose top is now cut off and in ruins, and the tank, whose remains are still visible.

The castle, which is built on a polygonal base, has medieval loopholes, which were altered in order to use firearms. The present day castle underwent major alterations in the 19th century, during the Carlist Wars.

The link between Torres Torres and El Cid can be traced back to the year 1088. In the spring of 1088, El Cid, who had then reconciled to King Alfonso VI, left Burgos, heading with a powerful army towards Valencia. It was a territory he had raided in previous campaigns and thus he knew the region well, which made him a perfect candidate to check the power of the kingdom of Valencia and to defend Castile’s honour. That is the reason why he took control of this area, which was deeply cherished by the Catalans and Aragoneses and by the Muslim taifas of Zaragoza and of Lérida. It was during his way to Valencia that El Cid set up a camp at Torres Torres.

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