Castle-palace of Cetina

Castle of Cetina, Zaragoza / ALC.

Plaza La Villa, 1. Cetina


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Stunning 8th-century fortress, which has undergone considerable alterations and restoration over the centuries. It has a 60m2 rectangular base and it is flanked by two towers and a Mudéjar-style chapel, which is situated in the highest part of the castle-palace. This was the venue for Francisco de Quevedo’s wedding. As for the chapel, its most outstanding features are its Mudejar style plasterwork, the 16th-century triptych and the art in clay pieces.

According to El Cantar de Mío Cid, El Cid and his men pitched their camp at a place in between Ariza and Cetina and spent the night there on the fifteenth day of exile: the people from these two towns feared an attack from Rodrigo, so that they paid a tribute.

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  • Cetina, province of Saragossa / ALC.
  • Castle of Cetina, province of Saragossa / ALC.
  • Castle of Cetina, Zaragoza / ALC.