Castle Palace of Llutxent


Carrer Castell, 20. Llutxent


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Located on the hilltop of the burg, it was built by the Próxitas at the end of the 13th century.

A gothic square building, set up around a square bailey and a water tank. The courtyard can be accessed through a semicircular arch. Alongside the main façade there are two towers with blanked battlements and gothic windows. Some interesting murals were found in the north wing. From the courtyard there is an access that leads to the main floor through an external staircase that has a covered gallery, supported by columns of polygonal shaft. Although it was completely free-standing when it was builded, overcoming the town from its elevated position, today is integrated into the village center and surrounded by modern buildings. The construction of this palace-fortress had to start around 1325, when Francesc de Próxita, third baron of the family, decided to reside in the village due to his poor health. Around this time, the original building was constructed, a sober square fortress with four towers on the sides. The new lords did not lived regularly in Llutxent, so the first major reform had to take place after 1522, to repair the damages caused by the thwarted assault of twinned municipalities, especially at the top, and also caring out other works that would add Renaissance elements.

The palace-fortress, mainly built of plaster and masonry, has the traditional square plan around a central courtyard with an underground water tank, and the sides are protected by four rectangular towers with caps that have undergone different modifications during the centuries. These towers raise above the two floors of the building, the main façade shows its entry and Gothic-Renaissance windows would have opened in the 16th century.

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