Castle Real or Ali Maimo, Olocau

Castle of Olocau, province of Valencia. Photo: Juan Barrachina.

It is situated 2.5kms away from Olocau. The castle is reached through a steep paved path that starts at Calle San José. Climb and turn left. Olocau


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The castle, which is situated on the top of a steep crag, is in ruins. It was built by the Arabs to protect Valencia of attacks from the north, mainly attacks launched by the Aragonese. In the Islamic period, it was called Hisn al-Uqab.

After the battle of Cuarte, late in 1094 or early in 1095, El Cid took the castle of Olocau, where the court of al-Qadir had taken refuge when the emir and his men left Valencia running away from the Almoravids. In control of the castle, El Cid took al-Qadir’s treasures stored at Olocau, which replenished his war-chests. The castle followed an irregular shape and had two defensive enclosures, one of which is still partly visible today.

The castle of Olocau is also mentioned in El Cantar de Mío Cid: the poet says that El Cid conquered Olocau after the battle of Pinar de Tévar and that he garrisoned the castle because he was perfectly aware of the geographical importance of this site. The castle played a key role in the conquest of Valencia. 

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