Centro de Turismo Rural La Morada del Cid. Vivar del Cid, Burgos


Avda. del Cid, 11 (09140). Vivar del Cid


687 592 830

Languages spoken:

English, French


Country Hotel, Accommodation for cyclists


Discount: 10% on the accommodation rate when presenting the Camino del Cid´s letter of safe conduct, booking directly with the hotel through its website or by phone.

The country house "La Morada del Cid", which is situated just 10 kilometres from Burgos, has 10 bedrooms with a bathroom. It has a maximum capacity for 32 people. The country house offers free Wi-Fi and and pets are welcomed.

Tourism and travel-related services: Breakfast and dinner are served at hours best suiting hikers’ and cyclists’ needs. We also prepare sandwiches and takeway lunch boxes for tourists.

Specific bicycling-related services: Our hotel is bike friendly. Although you won’t be able to take the bike into the room with you, there is a secure, closed storage room, which is equipped with hoses to clean bikes. The hotel also caters for cyclists’ needs by offering free access to an area equipped with a basic tool kit for bike repairs. Additionally, there is a mechanic shop on the premises, so that repairs and new equipment (patches, inner tubes, etc.) may be purchased if necessary.

Rev. JGG 13.12.18