Church of Salvador de Sagunto

Church of San Salvador, in Sagunto, province of Valencia / ALC.

Calle Valencia, 19. Sagunto / Sagunt


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The 13th century church of Salvador de Sagunto was built by James I in the late-Romanesque style. The church is a robust building. It presents a fortress-like appearance, whose style is far removed from traditional religious buildings. This is a clear example of the so-called “reconquest churches”, which were promptly built in the lands that had been under Muslim control when they were recovered.

This is a single-nave church that ends in a pentagonal apse. It has robust buttresses in the exterior. The most outstanding element of the church is the façade marked out by a half-pointed arch. It contains a pointed opening and a Gothic window. The square-based belltower is attached to the façade.

At the end of the 19th century, the historian from Sagunto Antonio Chabret noted that the façade contained a medallion with the image of San Juan baptizing Jesus. Even though the medallion was lost, there are scholars who identify the church of Salvador with the church that El Cid built in honour of San Juan after the conquest of Murviedro- Sagunto, on the 24th June 1098.

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