Church of San Esteban, Burgos

Church of San Esteban, Burgos / ALC

 Calle San Esteban, 1. Burgos


947 288 874 (Burgos Tourist Info)

This Gothic structure was badly damaged by an explosion that destroyed the military fortress that stood on the hillock. It was built between the 13th and 14th centuries. The façade contains an artistic rose window and there is a Gothic cloister.

It has three naves and three apses, plus a carved-in rail by Simón de Colonia (16th century). Several late Gothic sepulchres by Nicolás de Vergara, Simón de Colonia and Juan de Vallejo. Renaissance pulpit and Renaissance front leading to the Gothic cloister. It houses the Museo del Retablo (Altarpiece Museum).

Source: Official Portal of Tourism Junta de Castilla y León

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  • Church of San Esteban, Burgos / ALC
  • Façade of San Esteban Church, in Burgos / ALC
  • Detail of the façade of San Esteban Church in Burgos / ALC