Church of San Lesmes, Burgos

Church of San Lesmes, Burgos / ALC

Plaza San Juan s/n. Burgos


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Dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. It has a pointed arch and three Gothic-Renaissance naves. The church was built on a previous structure by the same name that was destroyed during medieval war confrontations and it was rebuilt in the 15th century.

It contains several Baroque altarpieces, the Retablo de la Santa Cruz (Altarpiece of the Holy Cross, interesting Renaissance sepulchres and, in the centre of the church, the sepulchre of San Lesmes, a French saint, the patron saint of Burgos, with a recumbent statue.

Source: Official Portal of Tourism Junta de Castilla y León

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  • Church of San Lesmes, façade / ALC
  • Church of San Lesmes, Burgos / ALC