Church of San Sebastian


Square of Santo Domingo, 1. Caleruega


947 534 005 - Town Council of Caleruega

Romanesque church of the twelfth century, modified in later ages, with a rectangular plant and a semicircular apse. From the original medieval temple you can see the entrance door (with a semicircular arch and columns with Corinthian capitals), the bell tower and a geminated window. The bell tower predates the Romanesque temple. The most interesting samples of medieval sculpture are in the corbels of the tower, highlighting the zoomorphic heads. As a curiosity, the ancient baptismal font of this temple was moved by Alfonso X to the Dominican Monastery of Santo Domingo el Real, in Madrid, where members of the Royal Spanish House are baptized from the 17th century.

Visit: Check worship time at the City Hall of Caleruega.

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