Church of the Assumption in Pinilla de Jadraque


Plaza Iglesia, 8 . Pinilla de Jadraque


949 892 722 - Town Council

The Romanesque temple was built with ashlar masonry in the 13th century and altered in the 17th when the original apse was changed for another plan and the transept was covered with a dome over pendentives. Over its western wall rises a great bell gable with four bells. All of this is elevated upon a platform with porticoes on the South and West sides. The capitals of the columns are interesting, decorated with plant motifs and scenes of Christ in the Mystic Mandorla with the Tetramorph, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. After suffering a fire it was restored in the 80s, thanks to the Plan del Románico de la Marca Media. 

Visit: in worship times.

Source: Portal de Turismo de Castilla - La Mancha

Rev. ALC: 24.10.18