Coachsurfing Los Ausines


Barrio de Quintanilla. Calle Las Escuelas. Los Ausines


947 420 097


Couchsurfing, shelters and refuges

Coachsurfing places are hamlets where there are no accommodation services. This place have the sole purpose of solving the lodging problem for those travelers who have not been able to book a room in the accommodations of the surrounding villages. You have to understand that it is quite possible that you will not find great comforts. Sometimes it's just a covered space where you spend the night with your sack and mat. Even so, respect and care for these points so travelers come after you can do the same.

Warning: It is highly recommended to call at least one day in advance. If you call from outside of Spain please dial 34 before the phone number. Remember that it is very common that the contact person doesn´t speak English.

Description: Pavilion of about 800 square meters. Available: running water, washbasins and toilet, space for your mat and sleeping bag. Non Available: showers, beds or bunks. The village has a bar in the neighborhood of Sopeña where you can have breakfast or a snack (bocadillo).

Address: Bº de Quintanilla. C / Las Escuelas.

Contact: Esteban Navarro: 947 42 00 97. Call before you go because it is not always available.

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