Country House Lodges Sol y Luna. Munébrega, Zaragoza


Plaza Fernández Heredia, 4 (50219). Munébrega


976 895 034 / 608 552 004


Country House lodges


Discount: 20% on the accommodation rate when presenting the Camino del Cid´s letter of safe conduct, booking directly with the hotel through its website or by phone.


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House of farmers, it has a corral with chickens and rabbits, it also has a cellar and wineries where the grapes were collected and the wine was made. Exhibits an ethnological museum. Located in front of the Town Hall, the views are unbeatable, on the one hand the Town Hall Squares and the Church and on the other the Valley on the Monasterio de Piedra route 14 km away. It has 2 Sol and Luna apartments, it is adapted for the disabled. Capacity 6 -20 seats. It is only accommodation, it has 2 kitchens.

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