Defensive Wall El Burgo de Osma


Carretera Rasa-Osma, 321. El Burgo de Osma - Ciudad de Osma


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The construction of the El Burgo de Osma wall was ordered by the bishop, Pedro García de Montoya, in 1458, in order to enclose the town due to the fact that the castle’s walls weren’t enough to defend it. Besides its defensive purpose, the wall was also used to avoid diseases from spreading and to control and charge taxes on products that entered the village.

The wall was built firmly with stonework and reinforced the structure with ashlar on the corners. Along the wall there were many gates: to the north was the Gate Postiguillo, or the Garden Gate, the Alcazar Street, the New Gate, and the San Miguel Gate. Out of all of them, the only one that is left is the San Miguel Gate. Nowadays, the wall has been restored, due to the fact that time and weather had taken their toll on it.

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