Deteriorated and faint section between Manchones and Daroca


2 km approx. at the exit of Manchones. Daroca

About 1.8km from Manchones, the track, with a good surface, starts to deteriorate and becomes so faint that it nearly disappears. It goes round several fields and plantations of black poplars for about 600 metres. It then crosses a river bed and continues along a poorly conserved section until it joins the good track again next to an old building (La Falcona).

The route follows the course of the Jiloca. Route-finding is not hard because the track is parallel to two roads between Manchones and Daroca, the A-2508 and the CV-501. However, this section can be uncomfortable for hikers, especially if the ground is wet, and an unpleasant experience for cycling tourists with saddle bags. For the latter, we recommend you take the Natural Way (in Murero or joining it from Manchones) along the old railway line, which has a hard surface.

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Rev.: JGG 18.10.22