Easter Week of Burgos

Easter Week of Burgos

In the city center. Burgos


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Easter Week in Burgos is based on the liturgical representations that became important in Castile from the 13th century onwards. In fact, most of the religious brotherhoods taking part date back to the Middle Ages, when they were associated with a trade guild (silversmiths, shoemakers, gardeners...). Easter Week is one of the most moving festivals in Spain and is held to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ.

Easter Week in Burgos involves 16 religious brotherhoods. It starts at dusk on the Friday of Sorrows with a torch-lit penitential rosary. The celebration continues on Passion Saturday with the “Announcement and Proclamation of Easter Week” and Palm Sunday with the “borriquita” or “little donkey” procession. The Stations of the Cross are celebrated at twilight on Holy Monday, leaving from San Esteban Church and heading to the hillside in the castle grounds. Two of the crowning moments come in the guise of the “Encuentro” or Encounter procession (Maundy Thursday around the cathedral) and the “Santo Entierro” or Entombment procession (Good Friday).

The Our Lady of Solitude Procession takes place on Easter Saturday with the following day, Easter Sunday, seeing the start of the Easter Proclamation Procession including a lively moment known as the “saint's dance”.

When?: March or April.

Source: Spain info

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