El Cid established his camp in Calamocha

Calamocha´s town park, province of Teruel / ALC.

Municipal Park of Calamocha. Calamocha


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Calamocha is an Arabic name. When the Muslims arrived to this region, they introduced, among other things, an advanced and complex irrigation system, some parts of which are still used. At the time of El Cid, Calamocha was under the control of the Taifa of Albarracín, which was ruled by Banú Razín, who belonged to the Berber family.

In the spring of 1088, El Cid came to the place called Calamocha, where he encamped with his army, made of 7,000 men. As a result of the presence of this army, the king of Albarracín, Abu Marwan ibn Razin, became a tributary of King Alfonso VI. Two years later, in 1090, it was the count of Barcelona who encamped here with a very fearsome army in an attempt to ally with El Cid.

It remains unknown where these armies camped (it might have been further south, in the town known as El Poyo del Cid). Be that as it may, we consider that the Municipal Park of Calamocha, which has canals and leafy trees, is a perfect place for 21st tourists to remember this passage of El Cid’s life and to take a rest. 

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