End of stage in Miño de San Esteban without rural accommodation


Miño de San Esteban. Miño de San Esteban

This is a warning for hikers on the stage from Castillejo de Robledo to Miño de San Esteban (14.8km). The only accommodation in this village with 50 inhabitants, El Fresno Country House, has closed and now there isn’t any accommodation at this end of stage. However, the Town Hall has made a space available for travellers. This is an old wine-press that has been restored, with water, fireplace, toilets and other services, although you need to take a sleeping bag and mat.

If you prefer commercial accommodation, you have to be prepared for a longer stage and continue to San Esteban de Gormaz, a town with a good range of accommodation and restaurants. The Castillejo de Robledo-San Esteban de Gormaz stage is 30.8km long, downhill and with no technical difficulties, with an estimated time of 6 hours 25 minutes. 

Remember this when you’re on Hiking Route of the Exile

Rev.: JGG 18.10.22