Equestrian statue of El Cid and the bridge of San Pablo

The equestrian sculpture of El Cid is the most photographed one in the city of Burgos / ALC.

Plaza del Cid. Burgos


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This is clearly the most famous statue of El Cid, though it is not the most faithful recreation of the warrior, as it contains several visible anachronisms. The statue, which pays tribute to El Cid, is a work of Juan Cristóbal. As a triumphal gesture, El Cid is brandishing his sword, called Tizona, which points towards Valencia. El Cid clutches the reins of Babieca in his left hand, a gesture symbolizing that his master died owing to war injuries, but not while at war.

The statue, which was unveiled in 1955, is accompanied by a courtship of statues relating to the history and/or myth of El Cid. These series of statues, which are the work of Joaquín Lucarini, were all built in the same period. The statues on the bridge include the following landmark figures related to El Cid: his wife Jimena and his daughters, who are represented as two doves; San Sisebuto, the abbot of San Pedro de Cardeña; Abengalbón, Cid’s Muslim vassal and friend from Molina de Aragón; the bishop of Valencia, Jerónimo de Perigord; Diego, El Cid’s son, who died at the battle of Consuegra in 1097; Martín Antolínez, a man from Burgos; Martín Muñoz, the count of Coimbra; and Álvar Fáñez, El Cid’s nephew and most loyal vassal—at least in the eyes of the poet of El Cantar.

At the end of the bridge, the curious visitor will notice that one of the lamp posts at the right bears the image of a bird: a cock-crow. This is one of the characters mentioned in the first lines of El Cantar, which is included in the text as a good omen for travelers in their way to Valencia.

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  • Equestrian statue of el Cid, in Burgos / ALC.
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  • Equestrian statue of el Cid in the city of Burgos / ALC.
  • Babieca, el Cid's horse. Equestrian statue of el Cid in Burgos, by night / ALC.
  • Statue of Diego, son of el Cid, in San Pablo's bridge. Burgos / ALC
  • The sculpture of Avengalbón, the moorish lord of Molina de Aragón, one of the most important characters in The Song of el Cid, in San Pablo's bridge over the Arlanzón river, in Burgos / ALC.
  • Puente de San Pablo, en Burgos. Detalle / ALC.
  • Arlanzón River, at dawn, as it flows through the center of the city of Burgos / ALC