Faint path between Salinas de Armallá and Terzaga


1,200 meters from leaving the salt flats. Salinas de Armallá. Salinas de Armallá

After 1,120 metres, after crossing the road and leaving the complex of the salt-works, the country track deteriorates, as it goes through an area of rough ground that is flooded by the River Bullones, and can hardly be seen in spring with tall vegetation. Continue along a footpath through the vegetation, which isn’t signposted. This section is 600m long in total. It is possible to follow the CV-210 road, with a hard shoulder, from the salt-works and rejoin the hiking route where it crosses the road from right to left after 2km, towards Terzaga.

Remember this when you’re on the Hiking Route of the Three Taifas.

Rev.: JGG 18.10.22