Ford across the River Cañamares, Pinilla de Jadraque


13 km from Robledo de Corpes, past the Palmaces Reservoir dam. Pinilla de Jadraque

The MTB route gets more difficult after leaving behind the Pálmaces dam as it goes down a track (next to the houses of the reservoir warden) to the River Cañamares Canyon. The track follows the bottom of the canyon but crosses over the river in three places where there are no bridges and it is difficult to cross the fords, meaning that cyclists will get wet (the flow in the river is controlled by the dam and remains quite high in summer). Therefore, the proposed route crosses the river over a small footbridge at the start of the canyon and continues along the side of the river, following sections of tracks and paths, under the leafy poplars, but without fording the river anywhere.

At the end of the canyon, cross a small ravine with hardly any flow (Valdemanquillo rivulet) just before joining the track with a good surface, which leads to Pinilla.

Remember this when you’re on the Borderlands MTB route.

Rev.: JGG 20.10.22