Full Rental Rural House L´Avia Tica. Benisuera, Valencia


Plaza Mayor, 6 bajo(46839). Benisuera


678 223 447


Full rental rural house, Accommodation for cyclists

The Avia Tica country house, which is situated just in the city centre of Benisuera in Valencia, has 3 bedrooms with a bathroom. It has a maximum capacity for 8 people. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi. Guests may also use the washing-machine and there is a night laundry service.

Tourism and travel-related services: Breakfast and dinner are served at hours best suiting hikers’ and cyclists’ needs. We also prepare sandwiches and takeway lunch boxes for tourists.

Specific bicycling-related services: Our hotel is bike friendly. There is a secure, closed storage room, which is equipped with hoses to clean bikes. 

Rev. JGG 01.04.19