Full Rental Rural House Santa Elena. Ontinyent, Valencia


Carretera CV-655, Km. 10, Carretera Ontinyent-Fontanars, Partida de la Umbría (46870). Ontinyent


663 882 181


Full rental rural house

The Santa Elena country house, which is situated 10 kilometres from the city centre of Ontinyent in Valencia, has 8 bedrooms with a bathroom. It has a maximum capacity for 16 people. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a swimming-pool in its facilities, pets are not allowed. Guests may also use the washing-machine and there is a night laundry service.

Specific bicycling-related services: Our hotel is bike friendly. There is a secure, closed storage room, which is equipped with hoses to clean bikes. 

Rev. JGG 03.04.19