Gate of Santa María and the city walls of Hita

Santa María's gate. Hita, Guadalajara / ALC.

Calle de la Puerta de Caballos, s/n. Hita


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This ancient fifteenth-century walled enclosure is in a state of consolidated ruin. Four large pieces of the wall have been preserved, as well as several short sections and some other parts that have been assimilated by the buildings in the town.

The old walls surrounded the town on its southern side and climbed up on the east and west of the hill until they met at the castle. This is built of stone, while there was an earlier one made of pressed mud, and was the initiative of the Marquis of Santillana in 1441. The wall was 5 to 7 metres high and a metre thick. It had four gates for access: the Laguna, Pozo, and Sancho Martín gates, and the Gate of Santa María, which is the only one still standing.

The excellent state of this latter entrance is due to a series of repairs. It has a pointed arch and both its rooms (the two cylindrical shapes) and the parapet (defensive balcony) were ornamental rather than defensive. Two heraldic emblems can also be seen: one of the Mendoza family and the other with two helmets, of the Marquis of Santillana. From the Gate, next to the monument to El Cid, an interesting view looks over this part of La Alcarria, consisting of a very unusual landscape caused by water erosion, above which circular hills are topped by limestone and small plateaux. This undulating scenery is especially attractive in spring when the large fertile fields paint the landscape green.

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  • Santa María's gate. Hita, Guadalajara / ALC.
  • Gate of Santa María. Hita, Guadalajara / Ayuntamiento de Hita
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